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When the Offender Is an Adolescent (2017)


This guide helps understand how the youth criminal justice system works, including its different stages.

It provides information on the involvment of the victim within the justice system and the role of the different actors: police services, Provincial Directors, alternative justice organizations, criminal and penal prosecuting attorneys, judges, crime victim assistance centres, etc. You will find:

  • Information on police intervention and extrajudicial measures.
  • A description of the extrajudicial sanctions program.
  • Concrete information on how to prepare a testimony before the court if the young offender is prosecuted.
  • Information on possible recourses and how to make a complaint or contest a decision.

The guide includes more than 65 answers to questions most frequently asked by victims, more than 40 practical tips, notes and information boxes and more than 75 references to helpful resources.