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The Rights and Recourses of Victims of Crime series

Navigating Your Way Through the Justice System (2017)

This guide explains the victim’s involvement throughout the various stages of the legal process, from calling the police to the enforcement of the sentence. (more…)

When the Offender Is an Adolescent (2017)

This guide helps understand how the youth criminal justice system works, including its different stages. (more…)

When the Victim Is a Minor (2017)

This guide is for parents whose child or youth has been the victim of a crime, whether the offender is an adult or a young person. (more…)

When the Victims Is a New Immigrant or a Person With a Precarious Status (2016)

This guide is intended to assist new immigrants or persons with precarious status, who are victims of crime in Québec, in understanding the criminal justice and immigration systems. (more…)